Sezi Seskir


A selection of comments on Sezi Seskir's playing:

“Sezi Seskir is a fine pianist and serious musician, who convinces musically on pianos of different periods, and whose curiosity and passion have led her to explore significant aspects of music-making one rarely sees in today's young musicians or teachers.“

Malcolm Bilson, pianist


“Sezi’s Mozart is wonderful, full of life, with great rhythm, and an excellent fortepiano sound. Her diction is always clear and the story telling is compelling, Wonderful specialist's playing which, however, is utterly instructive to the modern pianist as it shows new ways of looking at the score and listening to the music. "

Bart van Oort, pianist


“Sezi Seskir’s artistic profile is characterized by interdisciplinary creativity at the highest level . She effortlessly manages to combine oppositions: Her brilliant piano playing reflects her insightful scholarly work - and astonishingly enough, she manages to transform her scholarly results in a spontaneous and stirring manner into her interpretations...It is a great pleasure and inspiration, as a listener to go on musical journeys with her, that draw from the past, while acting in the present. "

Tobias Koch, pianist